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About Spasearch Magazine
Posted Date : 01-03-2018
Spasearch Mission 
We dedicate ourselves to helping consumers evaluate the merits of hot tub and swimming pool ownership within the plethora of choices available today. Spasearch focuses on assisting those who may be considering the purchase of hot tub or swim spa, while our sister publication, Poolsearch focuses exclusively on in-ground and above-ground pools. To support this effort, we developed a collection of magazines, websites, online message boards and our own independent endorsement program, all of which educate consumers about their options within this ever-changing industry. 

An Independent Hot Tub Magazine 
Spasearch does not require a manufacturer to pay a fee of any kind to obtain a listing in our magazines or on our websites. In addition, none of our editors invest in firms whose products we include in our magazines. Further, we award our TradeCertified endorsements completely independent of advertising dollars, with the results determined in large part by information provided through customer surveys and analyzed by a team of third-party auditors. 

About Our Buyers Guide
 The decision to purchase a hot tub is an easy one; selecting a manufacturer or retailer is a much more complicated decision. After all, you want your portable spa built with quality materials and craftsmanship that will be safe for your family and will last for many years. More than 200 companies manufacturer spas in the United States and Canada, and sifting through all that information to make the right decision for your family\'s lifestyle can be a daunting task. At Spasearch, our goal is to simplify the spa-buying process by conducting a thorough evaluation of major manufacturers and presenting our findings in an accurate and straightforward format, both in our magazine and on our website,